Blog Or No Blog: What Has Replaced Blogging!?

With the rise and exponential growth of social media, video sharing and streaming is reasonably wise to be doubtful about starting blogging. But remember that what Jo Blow down the street may find of no use the person next to him my desperately in need for it.

That’s why I am saying…

Social media and video sharing seems to have replaced blogging. But the truth is that blogging is still the number one way to build authority in any give niche online. Social media, video sharing and streaming can only help improve user experience but real authority is still built by blogging. 

So if you have been doubtful about starting blogging and you have been putting it off for a while, keep reading. This post will show you why you just can’t wait another second to create and start blogging. Blogging seems it has been replaced just because it takes just a little bit more effort and time to make it work financially wise. But once the thing hits the fan you on your way to set an LLC and grow big. Social media, Video Sharing and streaming is still so amateur as real money maker all blog first and fir most

Go ask anyone that matter…

Why Should You Spend Your Effort Blogging?

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