Is This The Biggest Mistake For SEO When A Website Is Released?

Before Google includes your newly published web pages in its library of pages it has to know they exist in the first place. That takes between 24 to 48 hours. And that’s the same amount of time it takes to categorise and file away for later a page you wish to rank for a specific keyword. 

Initially your page may be ranked at 34 or 55. It’s ok as long as it ranked. You have about 35 weeks to go before you see your page rank to as high as it deserves anyway. Once it’s ranked, it’s up to you to make it rank higher. And it’s about this I want to talk to you about today.

This what I find is the biggest mistake for SEO when a website is released. And that is to be of no help whatsoever neither to Google nor to your first visitor. In fact, if you simply commit to be of help since day one you anticipate bi far the biggest mistake I find 2 out of 3 newly released website make. 

You see, since the moment your website is released. It’s your duty to introduce your newly published web pages hierarchically to the SE for both SEO and UX(User Experience)’s sake. Because remember Google it’s a robot and doesn’t have a human-like touch, so to speak, to understand your own way to order things. Unless they make sense of course. 

And you’r first visitor won’t too. Even though is not a robot. Because by now every single one of us is accustomed to a certain way, a certain hierarchy to find things on a website. 

But that’s not even all. In fact I will add that being of help is not even all there is to it. You must understand that the second your new website, made up of pages and stuff  to give internet users answers and hopes, is launched, the game it’s on. And to be up in the race you must have your Publish Schedule ready to be followed religiously. 

See, SEO is the art of optimise your web pages for search engines & user experience and that’s what search engines are looking for. Websites keeping up with time and updates. Made up of helpful content that give straight unbiased answers and trustworthy hopes.

Now, you may say: “How can I, soon as I release  my web site, start uploading fresh content that is truly helpful and do that regularly on schedule, when I’m just getting started?” And the quick answer is : “You just do, buddy!” 

When you have no plan of action you’ll setting yourself for disaster. And 104 weeks  won’t cut it to turn your web site into a money making machine. You must at all cost avoid the path of the fools. At all costs. A fools release a new site and as soon as that happens. Gets distracted by doing this, that and the other. When all is needed is to 1) publish pages and categorises hierarchically  and 2)Start following the first 30 days article schedule of newly published sites following my stupidly simple system works a charm 

Publishing content that is helpful and that provide answers and hopes.  Content that has what it takes to start making noise on search engine is blindly easy to my eyes. (By making noise I mean, you know, start ranking higher than the 30th mark. All the while getting organically shared and mentioned – getting what they call backlinks. ) And I be making a fool out of you if I told you that it is easy. When in reality is not easy at all. 

However I shall go as far as to claim this:” The  biggest blessing for SEO when a website is released is introducing no more one page” 

At that point the Search Engine is aware of what your web site is about. This one page is going to be your introduction and it’s title and meta-tag will help understand Google what your site is about so that it can  categorize it and file it away for later in it’s library of web pages.  That must be happening not the day you get your domain and hosting. But the day straight after that. The race starts on Monday so let Domain & Hosting day for the weekend.  When on Monday, you must install WordPress and launch the that what is going to be your home page displaying your latest posts. 

The same Monday you must publish your first blog post and start the first 30days article schedule. And that’s not a challenge. That’s a duty you know. 

OnceI used to be part of the massive McDonald’s wonderful workforce at the restaurant situated on Oxford Street, London W1D 2JU England 

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