Why we recommend it: The one theme from I can’t stop love it Parabola. And I love this theme mostly because the niche site that inspired me to get started was built with Parabola. I am talking about of course. But it’s not just an emotional attachment to it. Oh no. Parabola it’s incredibly lightweight and so customisable you really won’t need to add a page builder it. Although you may too because Parabola it’s also beautifully compatible to any page builder.

Why it might be for you: Parabola is great for internet entrepreneur who wants a simple, clean site. If want to add special features to your site, you can as Parabola does include setting for different features like sharing buttons and ad space in it. You will have to do it manually with short codes. Parabola is meant to be simple and fast. 

Price: Free  completely with not even upgrade for premium version.

Why we recommend it: When I found out about competethemes’s Missions News I started a site just because I wanted to use the theme. I later changed it because It wasn’t ideal for the type of website I installed it on. However the theme is just incredible. And the thing that makes it incredible is the fact that it is built with ads revenue in mind. In fact Mission News already has ad space all around the theme and so it’s ver easy to monazite your site if your a beginner or even advances too. 

Why it might be for you: Mission News is beautiful. It’s light and fast and it’s just so ready for monetisation.  To top it all off the theme also has a built in date showing right on top of the site. And it is super cool. It seems your site is updated daily even you haven’t upload it in years. So cool. It does have a premium version of it just to make even more features rich but believe me the guys over at aren’t pushy at all. If I didn’t told you it would tike a while, even after install it and run it for a while, to find out that Mission News does have a premium version.

Price: Free with upgrade for premium version. 

Why we recommend it: The company astonished me  with their products and still do to this day. They do have their style and have no intention to change it. Simplicity is the common factor of all their themes and honestly I just love it. Any super themes is great for any one who wants to focus on content and articles to rank on Google and make bank. I wouldn’t recommend any of the superbthemes if you plan on turning your site into a membership site or else play the ads game and create squeeze page and stuff but more if your main goal is to build a niche site for affiliate and ads commissions.  But mind that superbthemes are perfectly compatible with any page builder and are mobile friendly just as well.  

Why it might be for you: What I love about any superb themes is the easy yet beautiful design. And the home page is by default set to help you convert and increase page views. There are few widgets that really help you push content you would love people to watch. And that’s the reason I felt in love with all of the themes and not just one in particular. Don’t take my word for it. Go browse the themes and one out of all the themes they offer will surely inspire your next project. 

Price: Free with upgrade for premium versions. 

Why we recommend it: I discovered rare themes not long ago. A few years I would say. I was amazed as Digital Download theme. This is a theme I used fro demonstration purposes. Basically, this is a theme stupidly useful if you’re out to sell digital products. Anything from music to video courses to ebooks. It’s super easy to set up and run. They do have a premium version with more features and widgets but believe me the free version works brilliantly. You should really consider this over other theme built exclusively for EasyDigital Downloads if you plan on starting selling digital stuff online. 

Why it might be for you: Selling stuff online is no easy tasks. But a good looking easy to browse could make your job easier. This theme I strongly recommend is the perfect fit whatever your niche easy. It looks like a marketplace like envato but it’s just a free theme that is super fast and by default built for conversion. Mind that is not ideal to run for niche site in business to make money from affiliate commissions or ads money. But on the other hand just perfect to make money selling digital stuff.

Price: Free with upgrade for premium version.