How To Make Money While In College Full Time

Do you want ti make money while in college full time!? One of the best ways to make money while in college full time is to create a blog.

A bog basically serves as a channel that funnels traffic from Google to your website. After you validate a market, or niche, with 2 metrics, posting helpful and engagig content will drive traffic to your website. Tge higher on Google your content reach using few SEO tactics the more traffic your blog will draw. Adding monotization to that website will generate revenue.

Setting up a blog can be as easy and quick as setting a Facebook page or a YouTube channel. Keep reading to learn how to make money while in college full time starting today.

How To Create A Blog To Make Money While In College Full Time

First, you’ll need a domain name for your blog. You’ll to keep it around the niche, interest, your blog is going to be about. Work out something catchy and easy to remember. You can get a domain name for cheap with or

Then you’ll need to set up hosting. Hosting providers provide space on their servers for your blog to live. We reccomend DigitalOcean once your blog reaches bigger numbers per month but SiteGround now that you’re just starting out.

Finally, you need a platform to guold content on. WordPress is a free Content Managment System ( We use it for this blog!) where you can create posts to appear on Google. WP makes it super easy to create content ranks and converts well. You will be able to share the same content on your social media platforms with the same ease. WP is easy to use and has plenty of great plugins and themes to choose from. You can install WP on your SG hosting with a click of your mouse.

Now, since the majority of people use their phones to consume information, you want to find a WP theme that is easy optimized. This ensures that your blog looks good on mobile and is easy to read on a cell phone.

Easily Create Stupidly Helpful Content

Much like this blog, your blog needs to be packed with valuable beacause helpful and targeted informative content your visitors will resonate with. Content is what draws visitors in and keep them engaged. Keep in mind that Google users are looking for answers and hopes to their queries and doubts that they can digest easily and quickly. Images, videos and scannable content like list posts work great for the user but to keep the algorithm happy you must have written words in the first place. Videos and images and audio comes after the written words.

So, create sharable content with attention-grabbing headlines and images. Unlike social media where both headlines and images are what will draw in traffic, what draw in traffic from Google is excusively the headline ( Read this to become a headline winner); valuable content makes it #1 on Googe in about 35 weeks for the date its published, if A it deserves it and B if the competion allows it. That’s the content that will keep people on your website. Remember lists are fantastic to capture people attention and keep them engaged, and it also inspire them to share the content on their own platform somehow (Check thi out for and example of an engaging list post)

Experiment with creating your own content – this tool will help you genarate ideas for what is most searched in your market, your niche. And if your website has been live, say a month, and one post is all you shared, somthing is not right. It is going to take a long time before you’ll witness any sort of momentum. You may graduate and still reap no fruit. That’s why I am saying to commit yourself to post 3 articles per week up untill you have about 30 articles. That way you’ll reach1k per month inles than 12 months. And a 1k per month blog is worth about 30k. You caneasily sell it on market places such as this for that amount of money. Easy…

Create a blog and create as much content to make it earn 1k contact me and I’ll buy it for 30k. I am dead serious…

How To Monetize A Blog Without Looking Desperately In Need For Money

Once you have enough traffic from Google funneling to your blog, i’d say 15 articles in and about 45 visitors per day, you can monotize your blog to start earning income from those visitors as exchange of the help you provide them free of charge. And here again you need only about 30 articles all ranking well, you know, content that supply an existing low competitive demand. In fact that’s the type of content and keywords you want to set to win and rank for. That’s to build expertie in your niche, build authority and ultimately trust. When you rank for at lease 30 keywords Google will start taking you seriously and push your website higher on search results for more competitive keywords. This effect will take place 24 months inusually. Obviously it all depends by everal factors but usualy tgats how long it takes. So if you are just a year in acollege sort if just started by the time your done you already worth quite alot. Studying will be more fun if you’llrun your own business all along. And running a blog is way less time consuming as oppesed to vlog and running a youtube channel. With blogging 4 hours a week is more than enough. You’ll spen way more onut but per se it requiresno more than that. That’s mainly why blogging is the choice of many full time college student to make money. By the way I would love to point out that blogging although being so profitable and passive, is not like building or running microsoft, appleor facebook. Itis no excuse to drop out if colledge. There is nothing like surviving colledge. Don’t let money and business get you off track. Anyways there few ways to monotize your blog rightfrom the get evrn with less than 45 visitirs per day.

What's Pay Per Click

You can set up an account wuth a service like Google Adsense to place advertisment here and there on your blog. Payment is based on how nany clicks you get to your ads along with the respective CPC value.

What's Affiliate Marketing

Register for an AP – like Amazon Associates – to advertise products for another company. You’ll add an Affiliate link to your content id so you’ll get paid for traffic you send to the advertiser’s website. When someone buys a product you get a percentage of whatever the price of the item. So the higher the orice tag, the higher your commission. You can also use affiliate networks like shareasale to find products to promote on your blog and the social media accounts you’ll use in conjunction of your blog. You kniw, to give your blog broader reach and more authority overall.

Use Google To Bring High-Quality Traffic Completely Free

Once you validate your market and find your niche for your blog and you are fully aweare of all the above, you need to start posting valuable content. To find this type of content you type into Google your niche and if you have installed a little free extension called keywords everywhere you’ll be suggested 30× the suggestions organically generated by google. For this post I found the keywords How To Make Money While In Colege Full Time. I settled for it because of 2 metrics I liked. Search volume and allintitle results. I wont get into details about these 2 metrics but you can google it.

We recommend posting to your blog 3 times a week but because you are a college student full time we reccomend you to post a great piece of helpul information at least once a week. To that you can add a daily post on your favourite social network, that is funny and entrataining. A meme, a quote or simply a paragraph accompaniec by a picfure it will do. You don’t want to spam your blog or your social media posts with monotized links. The goal is to help your readers and keep them hooked and engaged. Then both ads and affiliate commissions will begin to roll in and grow incredibly high before you know it.

Creating a blog is a great way to generate revenue from google but from thr internet in general. Just add vluable content and fill the gaps. Yhe internet is full bearied treasures and holes for you to find or fill. Even the most competitive niche has its low competition keywords you could rank for in less than 35 weeks if the content you create is geniune and helpful. The algorithm picks that and youll reader will too. Sharable content is the best to give your bl9g yhe change to builds authority out there. Combine these tactics with a niche your geniunly passionate about and you’ll reap aboumdtly in less than you can imagine. Do you believe that!?