How to Create a Sales Page for Free in 9 Steps (+ Great Examples)

Ask any relevant marketer and you’ll get: what really matters is your offer, the thing.

And you’ll get that not because the Sales Page doesn’t matter, but because creating a sales page is not creative at all. The word create tricks you to imagine a creative process — there is nothing creative behind putting together a great sales page.

BREAKING NEWS: if you want to make a sales page that . . . works, just stick to the bloody framework, like the life of your business depends on it. Because remember . . .

You can be creative all you want, but that will not increase your sales (if anything it decreases them!) — and that’s a fact.

Luckily, this funnel building app allows you create a sales page for free, build a solid list of 2,000 contacts while selling them stuff, too. You will be picking out templates already built off the framework.

It’s the only software you’re recommended to create your sales page for free …because of its awesomeness, freedom at the free plan level, and well, because it’s what I use myself and stuff, this one.

Watch me use it below and off with you.

You’d want more alternatives for “copy”, fancy way of saying, wording for your sales page. Once you’re done watch the video keep scrolling. You’ll get all the above and a more in-depth talk of the all.

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Want the Best Sales Page Ever? Hi, AIDA Framework

Let’s be real, innovations are for innovators, but even innovators have a pattern. You’re late for making millions over night online but you’re just on time to leverage what other found works best.

How to create a sales page for free

  1. Read this before you read anything else (start grabbing a piece of paper)
  2. Meet AIDA Framework
  3. Brainstorm and refine your sales page headline and selling proposition
  4. Build a strong rapport (benefit drive statement)
  5. Create interest with bluepoints (odd numbers perform better)
  6. Make raise hand
  7. Create a sales video following a proven a copyrighting & conversion framework
  8. Choose the right free sales funnel
  9. Price your offer and get ready for rejection

1/ Read before you read anything else (start grabbing a piece of paper)

Most people won’t buy. Get a grip. They just don’t. Literally only 4% will. And they do because they WANT the thing. What I am saying is that the 4 buys out of desire. Ugly but smart converts better than beautiful but stupid.

Try not to fall victim of myth 1) the more good looking the better your sales page is going to convert and myth 2) a word does the other. Somehow we misjudge simple for ugly hence ineffective. That’s wrong and you’ll benefit a lot from keeping your sales page ugly, or simple, than otherwise. And you save a lot of time, which is always good. Unfortunately words don’t as much credit as they deserve. A picture is worth a thousands of words but doesn’t just a word opens for a thousands interpretation!? Hence instead of wasting time with fonts and stuff play around with words until you feel just about right and they play a little more.

Using headlines and framework of body text proven for maximum conversion is not cheating. Is being smart, hence not stupid, which is always good. Below you will find frameworks for writing good headlines, block of text, and so forth.

And remember that the money in all of this is in something called …follow up. See if can accept that most people visit your sales page won’t buy, you can also consider this. Not everybody who come, visit and don’t buy didn’t WANT what they saw. Some get distracted, some put it off to check it out later …or whatever. By following up you will be able to get four more, at least, out those whole didn’t buy. And you would that just by sending some automated emails which you can do up to 2,000 contacts for free suing the only sales page builder I would ever recommend because I use and only ever used myself.

2/ Meet AIDA Framework

AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. And it’s a framework top notch internet marketers relay on to get the maximum conversion rate. A for Attention, I for Interest, D for Desire and A for Action.

Your sales page has the job to 1) grab attention, 2) creates interest, 3) build desire, and 4) make the visitor raise hand.

Next we go through each piece of the puzzle.

1) Grabbing attention. Your page does that through the use of a headline that promises the solution to the problem.

2) Creating interest. Your page does that through the use of additional creative content (text, images, videos)

3) Building desire. You do that adding social proof, and nothing works better that quoting yourself while positioning yourself as the man.

4) Make raise hand. This means that your page has the ultimate job to lock people in, meaning make the visitor raise his hand and say something like, yes I want to create my sales page for free using the best sales page builder out on the market. You do that creating an evil button your visitors just won’t be able to no click.

3/ Brainstorm and refine your sales page headline and selling proposition

When brainstorming and refining your sales page headline remember that on a subconscious level a visitor is figuring out 1) if the thing is for him and 2) If it is what’s in it for him.

A headline that goes, Launch Optimized Google PPC Campaigns, 1) it directly speaks to someone who is into Google PPC Campaigns and 2) it promises the same, not just campaigns, but rather optimized Google PPC Campaigns.

Straight after your headline it would be also nice if you could come up with a unique selling proposition to further ease what the visitor is going through. This sub-headline, The Most Effective PPC Campaign Builder To Quickly Deploy High Converting Google Search Ads And Double Your ROAS, would work perfectly to the headline above mentioned. And that’s because it further serves what subconsciously the visitor if going through, again, he is trying to figure out what’s in the thing for him and why it’s a big deal for him.

4/ Build a strong rapport (benefit drive statement)

A sentence can connect you with someone very effectively. Even stronger that your average social proof would. This benefit drive statement is basically saying what I am offering you took me from where you ate to where you want to be no question asked.

5/ Create interest with bluepoints (odd numbers perform better)

No one reads but somehow bullet points make some. And odd numbers mysteriously perform better.

6/ Make raise hand

7/ Create a sales video following a proven a copyrighting & conversion framework

8/Choose the right free sales funnel

Practice By Doing This

Create a sales page using no other but the most awesome free tear inclusive sales page builder and price the offer at 25$ if you’re buy YouTube ads and to it. Given that you have something to sell do the following.

Write a headline