How to Build an Email List Before Launch in 5 Steps

I don’t know what the pretty girl in the picture is raising her right hand for. Maybe she pointing at the sun, who knows. But the reason why I chose it is, well, she was the pretties girl with her hand raised and because I want to illustrate the whole point of building an email list.

So keep the pretty girl in mind because she is going to help clearly understand this whole building an email list thing.

For now just know that what you’re here to learn today it’s big deal. And it goes well beyond just money making or simply making more money the day of the launch, which you will by the way, way beyond.

As matter of fact, the success of your launch is directly proportional to the email list you build to it. But unfortunately, most internet “gurus” don’t want you to know about it. For 2 reasons, one is because they are busying building their of email to their own launch and second because talking about may lower their own conversion. It would be like if the magician who revels the trick to his audience beforehand, if you get what I mean.

Anyhow, even if this is but a 5 steps process, there is a touch of persuasion you must learn to fully outperform your expectation. If your average YouTube guru will reveal his dirt he will lose his ora of superehero or whatever.

So, below you will get all you need to know to build an email list before launch and get the mose money out of your effort. But just remember that this should be performed well NOT just to maximize your conversion but because internet marketing is a blessing and we need to cherish by doing things as they are supposed to be done. We cannot lat the dumb and lazy ruin this blessing of ours.

Having said that, here’s a quick rundown to

How To Build An Email List Before Launch

  1. How to structure your funnel
  2. The types of lead magnet
  3. Creating a lead magnaet
  4. How to create a squeeze page
  5. The email squeeze
  6. The important of persuasion

How to structure your funnel

Funnels can get REALLY bananas. They do, just to increase its conversion rate. Meaning instead of 4 people buying out 100 you add somthing to oit and go from 4 to 6. And you keep doing that. However even the most complex funnel won’t beat a 8-9%. That’s just a fact. As matter of fat the REAL money is not in the complexity of your funnel but in the good old follow up. That’s just a fact and everybody knows it. So I guess you with me when I say that It’s better to keep the structure of your funnel simple and focus on MONEY, the follow up.

For now let’s see the structure of a simple funnel, which works a charm, always had always will and we’ll focus on where the money REALLY is…again the follow up. And I would like you to get your funnel done by following the below structure in the next 72 hours if that’s not too much to ask.

  1. Click here and sign up (Free forever, up to 2K leads and everything all the other funnel builder just wouldn’t offer under free tear)
  2. Click funnels and create
  3. Name your funnel, check custom and the currency for your offer (before you’ll be able to accept payment and\or add payment gateway button on the order page you will need to connect with paypal or stripe – and yes this software we’re using let you do that also for free)
  4. Create 2 Steps (Landing page, Thank you)

When creating the 3 steps you’ll be able to chose step type. For Landing page choose Squeeze page and for the Thank you page choose thank you page. The first page should make you feel the visitor excited like the girl in the picture we talked about before. The person visiting this page should raise hand and think YES! I Want This. The second page, the thank you page, should allow the .., lead at this point, that’s what a person that enters email info to grab something it’s called, to get the thing AND be reminded to check inbox, join a private Facebook group, or a live stream or whatever just make the lead feel already part of a secret private group. People love to feel welcomed and part of special group.

For both pages the software, again, complete for free let you pick from a gazillion of templates. Any will do. Waste no time around this, again, I repeat, do not wate any time about what template to choose or not. Pick a basic one and that will do.The soon to become lead is there for the thing and that’s what they will critique, that’s what they will judge …not the page that’ll bridge to the thing.

The types of lead magnet (+Creating One)

Lead magnet it too much broad of a topic. I mean it really depends of what type of market you’re into.Ant not even that, come to think of it, you create the lead magnet out of your offer. You here because you want to build an email list before launch and so based everything off the launch, your offer. Here’s what is going to do magic for your launch. Everything you give for free and not only for free should leave people always hungry, starving. Your offer should always stay 3 SO WHAT’S NEXT ahead from your lead magnet. I mean it. And it shouldn’t NOT bring confusion to the lead, oh no. I have been there. They give you this lead magnet and instead of increasing desire it shut it completely. The lead magnet should get your lead hungry and you know that it is doing what it supposed if by consuming all of it you’re left wondering – Okey what’s next!? The next will be the offer at launch.

Having said that there are some, I guess 3 types of lead magnet to choose from and they are: Audit, Template (Script, worksheet or organizer), Planner, Resource Guide, Insider Report or Special Training.

Now an Audit allow you to magnify the mess. It tells look this how it’s supposed to be done and if you ahving found success doing what you’re doing is probably because you’re doing these mistakes and you can fix them by going about it this way. Example could be, Advanced Analytics Checklist. Basically use an Audit to Respectfully Reveal What They Are Doing Wrong.

Then we have a Template, and example could be, Tag Manager Playbook, and with a template you giving away an Easy to follow fill-in-the-blank framework or formulas to avoid I Don’t Even Know Where To Begin Fright.

How to create a squeeze page

The email squeeze

The email sequence that best work before launch it’s the so-called Rapport Sequence. Obvious name as it is designed to build rapport. It could be a 3-email, 4-email or 5-email sequence; and it could be mapped out throughout 3, 4 or 5 days. The more solid your game gets the more fun you’ll have testing different variation and stuff.

You better start from what it’s strongly recommended for those who don’t know what they are doing but are doing because they got balls to pretend they do. And that is going for 5 simple emails going from delivering the free lead magnet to pitching the launch.

The important of persuasion

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