How To Build A Niche Site With WordPress From Scratch: 7 Stupidly Easy Steps To Follow (With Screenshots)

This supidely-easy-7-steps  guide is for everyone still intimidated, scared and totally unaware of  how build a WordPress website from scratch, without experience, alone & with less than $10.00. A cent less, only $9.99.


That cheap…

Just give me few minutes of your precious time and I’ll walk you through these few steps (7) to show you exactly how to build a site that is meant to generate you income around the clock  quickly, easily and really on a tight budget.

As I said…

Only $9.99

Here are the steps to build a wordPress website starting from scratch:

Step 1 (Jump to it)

Step 2 (Jump to it)

Step 3 (Jump to it)

Step 4 (Jump to it)

Step 5 (Jump to it)

Step 6 (Jump to it)

Step 7 (Jump to it)

You know,

I am SO PROUD of what I put together in this article. That is, the 7 steps above listed, this beautiful intro + the most interesting outro I’ve ever wrote for an article.

That’s just because I’ve been at this for a while now literally repeating these 7 steps for more than a decade building a portfolio of niche sites generating my company, as we speak, at minimum $7,000.00 per month, consistently and most importantly passively since 2018.

And being a competitive junkie I know that NO ONE gives it all away for free the way I set out to give it to you. NO,ONE.

That’s why I’m SO PROUD!

I started this journey not soon as I got out of college back in 2015. But a little later, in 2017. And it was only in 2018 that one of my sites started to take off. At that point I got excited, enormously excited I would say. Literally I’d wake up smiling and would stay happy all day until my eyes and the sky’d force me to take few hours of sleep. But Not for the money I was finally generating but because I felt like I cracked the code. As far as the money, I give 10% away for good causes, I am an investor in the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, 30% I reinvest into my business and 30% I invest in stocks of all kinds and I live off the 30% left. Which is more than enough.

And now that I can write that out like you can write your birth name I am confident to state: “I did cracked the code.”

Wouldn’t you !?

Believe me, if it wasn’t so I couldn’t & wouldn’t be able to sit today and take 3 days out of my schedule to freely sharing it all with you. Confident in knowing that an idiot could repeat my success. And if you feel just a tad smarter than an idiot then by the end of this guide you won’t just own a potential, never forget that word “potential”, money machine WordPress website but you’ll feel so grateful you’ll subscribe to my email list, youtube channel, tell your friends and family about it and stick around like you’d believe I was the best friend you never had.

Or something like that…

Look frankly, Web Money School’s mission from day one is always been not just to make tons of money with hosting affiliate commissions, I made more than I though I could with simply a computer and an internet connection, I really didn’t any more and start When I started the mission was but to make a statement:”Anyone can be taught to be a superior internet marketer. There is nothing magical about it. There is no rare talent involved. It is simply a matter of being taught the appropriate rules and following those rules. There is no question in my mind that I could train virtually anyone to make a fortune with a niche site.

And so, I can’t be more pleased to show you theses “appropriate” rules to start a WordPress website built to attract traffic and make a fortune. And how, most importantly, stick to these rules by setting appropriate expectations.

There’re few mountains you’ll encounter along the way. But that’s just the way it is and herein I get you ready to deal with almost that’s already standing there between you and the finish line.

I promise.

By the end of this article you’ll have a fantastic, fast and just winning website…

And that’s not even the great news.

The great news is that what I’ll show you today, the website that you are about to build, will look and operate just like all of mine, that is 1) looking great, 2) be well optimized for the search engines, 3) have what it takes to do spectacularly well on social networks and 4) make people scream: “This is so cool I need to share it with my friends!”.

And let me tell ya,

On the internet, just like off it, get someone to talk about you, that is to share your article and your website and the content you provide and you know you cracked the code.

And that‘s all in this article too

Don you believe that, now!?

Get ready…

WodPress along with SitGround is what I use to build and run all my niche sites whether it be Web Money School or any of other niche site in my portfolio. Both companies offer an amazing service and stupidly easily interfaces that’ll make you say: “Hell, you can teach an old dog new tricks!”. Both companies are so EASY to use and make the perfect marriage when it comes to build a website that’s meant to be the shit.

No further ado – let us jump right into these 7 stupidly easy steps to turn an idea into the ultimate WordPress money  machine niche site absolutely from scratch.

Let’s go..

Step 1) Getting a Domain Name and Web Hosting

To choose a domain name and register it while securing yourself a hosting account is the smartest thing to do at this point. And that’s step number one.

This is by no means the “most important step” as far as Building a WordPress Website From Scratch goes nor the “most difficult”. But it does set the foundation for what’s to come next. So don’t rush it but rather find your best self to avoid overthinking stuff too much here and now.

Just be smart about it.

A lot of people I’ve dealt with in the past seems to take AGES to be done with it. 

And what they do is spending hours upon hours choosing the “perfect” niche, then hours up on hours choosing the “perfect” domain and hours up on hours choosing the “perfect” hosting company.

Not to mention…

All the time it usually takes these “perfect” fellas to choose the “perfect” theme for the site and the “perfect” logo. Oh, almost forgot to mention the time it takes them to find the “perfect” content to write about along with the “perfect” article to publish etc, etc…

You know well what I mean…


I could go on and on pointing fingers, but I am afraid that I would only inspire you, lead you rather, along the same path. Yet again the folks I mentioned above, victims of a vicious cycle made up of fears & insecurities, are not to judge , but rather to learn from, I am using them as a lesson. 

Simply because all that pursuit of perfection leads rarely, if ever, to perfection.

You don’t want to be perfect

You want to be smart

Here’s how to be smart about getting a domain and web hosting.

Everything start from the niche you set your site is going to be about. And although I have The Smartest Guide On Choosing A Niche That Work on the Internet. And a weekly show on YouTube every Monday about finding a niche. Plus a niche site ideas list I update religiously every week based on the YouTube Monday Show. 

You don’t need to go ahead and check it out. 

This is not like getting married you know, your first niche site is meant to get you started. In fact I would say that learning How To Build A WordPress Site From Scratch is rather more like buying your first car. A reasonably “cool” one’ll do for now.

Here’s how I chose the niche site I am building today’s WP site about in less than 5 minutes.

And I did it by simply typing into Google “weird animal facts” and choosing “anglefish” off the list ranking 1st on Google at my query “weird animal facts”. 

And of course, before I settled for it, I simply validate the niche by taking a look at the search volume for “anglefish” and the Google competition for it. 

You know,

How many sites are out there talking about it…


Niche Site Idea: Angelfish

Now it’s time to register a domain by going smart about it. And by that I mean settling for an easy yet catchy and brand-able domain. 

Something like

Domain Name:

I head over to SiteGround, the most reliable, secure and fast hosting company of all time…

And after clicking “GET STARTED” down “WordPress Hosting”

Get Domain and Hosting #1

I continue by clicking “GET PLAN” under the BEST SELLER “GrowBig”section…

And that’ll be the hosting plan I’ll get in few steps to come as it’ll allow me to host unlimited website compared to only 1 the StartUp plan allows.

And that’s just for $3.00 difference.

Only $3.00 difference…


Ain’t it!?

Now it’s the time to make sure that is available. 

And by clicking “PROCEED” big blu-sky button I can see that…

Get Domain and Hosting #3

It is.

Happy Days.. 

So I go ahead and seal the deal.


Easier done than said I guess hey..

Get Domain and Hosting #5

As you can see above I claimed my hosting account and all along my lovely domain name.

I am ready to rattle n roll, rock n roll and jazz it up…


I hope you had a great time claiming YOUR hosting account along with YOUR brand new domain name.

You should’ve received an email of confirmation like the one you see below.

Get Domain and Hosting #6

And by scrolling down yourself you’ll see two links under “Point Your Domain To Your Site “

Those links are called DNS and you’ll use them in the future for sure to do something I’ll talk about. 

Don’t worry you can always grab them straight from your SG dashboard. And you’ll use them because the next domain you’ll get yourself you’ll get it from say, And once you grab it you’ll need to point it towards SG by changing the DNS in GoDaddy. Once that’s done you’ll be able to mange your domain and install WordPress for free right from SG.

I’ll show you how that’s done later…okey?

Just as you may want to refer back to this guide and repeat it all for you second niche site…

Go ahead an book mark this article… 

Oh and by the way,


You now own your first digital asset, that is your DOMAIN NAME.

Now you’re jet-set to install WordPress and bring your idea to life for the internet and everyone in the world  to see and enjoy.

And for you to generate some of what I like to call web money…

But before we get to it, I need to introduce you to WordPress that we are about to install by doing the usual cleaning, installing a theme and few plug ins. 1) Cleaning because WP it’s a smart CMS (Content Management System) that comes pre installed with a theme and other features we can and should remove to set uniqueness 2) Install a theme because we need to give our website a look and feel that’s our own and 3) Installing few plugins to add smart & fun functionalities to our site (e.g. social sharing buttons etc. etc.)

After  years and years, I found out few themes and plugins that seems to convert pretty well 

And surprise, surprise…

These themes and plugins I’ve been in love sinece I figured how well they convert are all FREE

Here’s the list of my favourite themes in case your curious

That’s a list of all my favourite themes that I installed on my niche sites and recommend others to install because again they are a) AWESOME, b) beautiful, c) light & fast and 3) free.

Let’s go

Step 2) Setting up and familiarizing with WordPress

Let’s make it happen

1) The Set Up – Installing WordPress & More

And for it I’ll click “SET UP SITE”

Get Domain and Hosting #7

And to begin the wizard all I do is hit that “SELECT” button.

And by the way what’s going on here is…

SiteGround, compared to all other hosting services has, just lately, added this wizard so that if you got started, like I did in the beginning, the MANAGED “WordPress Hosting” straight up…

Few clicks (3 as you’re witnessing) and WordPress along with basic set up for safety and speed would be installed and yours site is live in NO TIME at all and NO HASSLE at all.

You could literally teach it to an over 80 and he could pull that off effortlessly…

That’s why I said “Hell, you can teach an old dog new tricks”

SiteGround makes sure EVERYONE, not only millenniums,  find it super fun and cool to learn How to Build a WordPress Website From Scratch

Do you believe that now?

Next it’s just to re make sure the application we want to use to bring our site to life is WordPpress

And since it is…I’ll click “CONTINUE”

Last but not least SG recommends their…

Let me tell ya…


Site Scanner, nothing but, again, an AMAZING monitoring service that checks your website daily and immediately notifies you if your website has been hacked or injected with malicious code for only the amount you see below.

I will not add it myself…

And I will love to see you do the same.

I do however want you to understand that keeping your site safe it’s SUPER smart since as your site starts attracting your first 10 visitors per day headed to you first 50…

It basically automatically starts attracting internet “thugs, thieves and goons”

And that sooner or later you’ll have to pay someone to protect you from these folks out to ruin ya or even steal your site all together…

Don’t be mad at these “thugs, thieves and goons” because it’s just in the normal scheme of things and besides it’s just on more reason to understand that the internet works EXACTLY like in the non-digital world…The “real world”

Whatever that means hey

Get Domain and Hosting #10

Now we’re literally ALL SET

And even if we are

 SG, righteously presuming that someone is a complete beginner and no clue on how to more on forward, it prompts yet another 3 steps wizard but now to install a theme and few plug ins to get started smartly.

And although I would love to tell you to hit “EXIT”…

I am not…

I want to show it what SG does and so I clic “START NOW”

how build a WordPress money machine website from scratch (13)

Here as you see I typed “Mission News”

And that’s the name of the theme we want to install it on our site..

But nothing come up…

That’s just because not all free themes are available in WordPress free themes directory.

So I’ll click “CONTINUE” 

Have no worries as the default theme that was installed automatically when we installed WP would be the one still activated as the theme of your site

So yeah, I’ll click “CONTINUE”

how build a WordPress money machine website from scratch (14)

Although from experience I know jetpack is something useful to have installed on your WordPress site, just it is WooCommerce and Contact Form…

I am just going to click once again “CONTINUE”

Again I just wanted to show you how thoughtful SG is and that’s how they do it!

You’ll see the same approach when contacting them through the LIVE chat, by the way available 24/7 all days around he calendar.

So I’ll click “CONTINUE” without selecting anything from the recommended useful functionalities.

how build a WordPress money machine website from scratch (15)

Next SG makes sure that you know about marketing and recommends few plug ins to get you started.

But I will not select none of them.

Again, not because they are no good or anything

But simply because as far as Google Analytics, that is tracking your traffic and their behaviour on your site, those famous cookie things, we will do the PRO way in the next steps. We will sign up for a little thing called Google Tag and from there install all of our cookies so we can track and study our traffic and its behaviour on our site.

As fas as SEO, which is nothing but the acronym that stands for Search Engine Optimazation, basically as the name implies optimize your site and the content therein to the search engines (e.i Google)…We will install a different plug in called Rank Math as opposed to SG recommendation.

Not because SG’s recommendation is no good, I’ve been using a different one in the past year and half on 3 of my niche sites that I own and operate just to test out new plug ins and new themes and new stuff in general and I have been loving. 

And lastly, I won’t install OptionMonster neither to start growing subscribers list because that’s something we need to account for when we hit that 50 visits a day. Only then it’ll make sense. Until then our main enjoyment will be in dive into the topic the site is about, that is the niche market we bet on and build expertise, authority and trust in it as a site and as a brand. And again one we reach to 50 visits a day we’ll talk about growing a list. And we’ll use a different company. 

Not because SG’s recommendation is no good. But because a little well known company known as MailChimp is just the shit and has an incredible FREE plan up to a list of 1k subs. Something that no other company have. We’ll integrate MailChimp with another email grabber service called SumoMe.

So I’ll go ahead and click “CONTINUE”

how build a WordPress money machine website from scratch (16)

And once SG has done preparing your WP installation

And this below is done

how build a WordPress money machine website from scratch (17)

At long last…

I am happy to introduce you to


how build a WordPress money machine website from scratch (18)

Because we got her through SiteGround

Your dashboard should look exactly like mine, that is like the one you see above

Just click “switch to default” so we can work along with WordPress default dashboard setting

And when you do it should look like this

how build a WordPress money machine website from scratch (19)


Right now, it’s also a wonderful time to also introduce you to the idea that all gazillion of bumps in the road you will have to patiently deal with have a solution.

And the first one you may encountering right now.

In fact, your WordPress dashboard may not exactly look like the one you see above…

You may see a little box that looks like this…

how build a WordPress money machine website from scratch (20)

And to solve it you’d do exactly like I did.

Back to SiteGround…

Just click “Websites”

how build a WordPress money machine website from scratch (21)

Then by simply clicking that big beautiful button..”cPanel”

how build a WordPress money machine website from scratch (22)

You get access to SiteGround’s cPanel

And from here we will update the php version running on your WP site.

Now you don’t have to really and literally understand what the flip it’s going on…

All you have to do is to follow what I do


how build a WordPress money machine website from scratch (23)

From here just look for the tab “1H SOFTWARE”

And spot the icon labelled “PHP Version Manager”

And just click on it…

how build a WordPress money machine website from scratch (24)

Next you’ll be able to see something like in the picture below…

And all you have to do is to spot the folder of your domain.

And just double click on it.

Next up,

All you have to make sue is that “Managed PHP folder version” is selected.

This will, as you read, have the website take advantage of the latest security and performed PHP enahncements.

And just like that…

Back to your dashboard there will be no more PHP Update alert.

Before I move onto installing my favourite theme and plugins…

I usually go ahead and remove sample pages & posts, that is just to clean up the default installation even further and basically start completely anew.

So I click on the tab “Pages” and “All Pages”

And just by clicking “trash”

The sample page is gone.

And I will leave the Privacy Policy page alive and keep it as Draft for now.

On Commitment 104 I spend a great deal educating enrolled students on a) how important building privacy policy and other legal page notes is for your website and b) how to edit this draft page based on the business we are building.

I confess…

In this article you’re reading that is the one missing piece.

I would love to add it but for few reasons, I am not.

What I teach you in C104 is how to install a little thing called Google Tag Manager. With it, you basically install these things known as, tags from our end, but cookies from the user’s end. These tags track your traffic in every details, like how much time a user is on your site or how long does the user scroll before leaving the page etc. etc.

I do teach all that in C104 in every details possible and imaginable

And of course, once you install these tags you need to clearly state that somewhere on your website. And this is not mandatory, the law obligates us to state it in our privacy policy page. And you also obligated to state in things, like Affiliate Disclosures for affiliate revenues, you, as the owner of the site will collect as being an affiliate among several other things.

I avoid teaching how to do the above here in this article because 1) I want you to get access to Commitment 104 and enjoy this experience to the fullest while being part of a family, as it does get lonesome the more you get at this & you always need someone’s help (help that when you access to C104 you get at anytime of the day), 2) I want you to invest with your time also a little bit of money into this as when we invest money into this we get way more emotionally attached and when that happens failure it’s just not happening and 3) …


Before I move onto installing my favourite theme and plugins…

As I said…

I usually go ahead and remove sample pages & posts as well…

And so I click on the tab “Posts” and “All Posts”

And make sure that this section looks clean and that no sample posts are alive and partying.

A few more steps to finishing up cleaning house would be to

1) Site title and tagline that make sense to what the site is about…

And for that I click “Settings” and “General”

And as you see above I make sure to use “( Domain Name)” as Site Title and “[The #1 (Niche) Resource]” as tagline.

It’s a copy & past thing I repeatedly do to turn any site I start from scratch into the ultimate money machine. I experimented it first and it seems to work out pretty well for me and the niches I choose.

2) Set Post name as permalinks default that make sense to what the post is about…

That’s just the link appearing in the browser tab and you want to set it as post name to be sure to communicate with the Search Engin in such a way that it understand what the main topic of the post is.

That is a very common practice as far as SEO goes. But there are 3 more secrets to make your post genuinely optimized to the Search Engines and have your content rank as higher as it can.

And that is in C104 too…(On more reason to check it out I guess)

And to set the permalinks to sample post I click down to “Permalinks” in the Setting section as well

The select “Post name” and “Save Changes”

Then, 3) Customize the WP dashboard area and make login password as stronger as I can..

And to do that I head towards the “Users” tab and click “Profile”

Where I’d choose a appealing color scheme that kinda motivates me to work my butt off anytime I’d log in and keep me motivate it when logging out

And then scroll all the way down to hit “Generate” and set a very strong password that is stronger that the one set in the beginning and by clicking “Update Profile”

You are ready to move on.


You may wonder why I would go through all of this just to make sure that 1) the title tag of the site is clear and on point, 2) the permalinks are set to /sample and 3) sample pages & posts are out of the picture. And If you are I would tell you that it’s not because I am OCD, believe me I am not, but the internet it is OCD. Meaning that if your site registers 1) just another WordPress Site (that is the default title tag) 2) your permalinks all over the place and messy and 3) sample pages that don’t have any purposes…It categorizes your site as spammy and not authoritative at all.

So that’s why it took a little of bit cleaning up before we could move on to install my favourite theme…

That is Mission News from my dear friends over a complete themes.

Almost forgot…

You want to make sure to remove unwanted pre-installed plugins and since we have but one I click the in the “PlugIns” tab on the “Installed PlugIns”

And then just by clicking “deactivate” won’t do the job.

So I’ll click on to “delete” as the plug got deactivated…

You have to go “delete” to totally remove the plugins’ codes hanging in your database. If you don’t do that particular order, that is deactivate first & delete later, things won’t go as smooth as you want them to go. Because the plugins’ codes will stay in the database of the site And you’ll site will slow down with all that unnecessary codes hanging in the database.

So yah…

The go on to confirm you’re sure you want to delete WordPress Starter…

And walah…

Yep, just like that the plug ins section of is clean & beautifully read with only the great SG Optimizer plug in doing its magic to keep the site light, fast and healthy.

And that’s curtesy of SG.

Those who haven’t SG can’t get SG Optmizer running need to pay extra services to keep their site light, fast and healthy.


The theme section is not clean as it is the plugins, pages and posts…

So let’s clean that up before we install and activate Mission News as the theme for

I’ll click on “Appearance” and “Themes”

2) The Set Up – Themes & Plug Ins